Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Get Fresh King Salmon in the Midwest

Those who live in the Midwest are land locked and use to not have access to fresh salmon. Times have now changed with Giovanni’s fish market now shipping fresh seafood to the Midwest. It just takes the click of a mouse and your order will be shipped overnight.

One thing that many caterers in the Midwest have problems with is getting fresh salmon fish. Caterers and home cooks alike use to be stuck with buying frozen fish at the local super market. One never knew how long the fish had been in the freezer and if a grocery store did offer salmon that was thawed, you never knew how long it had been in the display case. Not to mention if the fish was even wild caught or if it was farm raised.

Now Giovanni’s offers its customers the ability to purchase fresh salmon online. There is no waiting in line at the seafood counter at your local Midwest grocery store. One knows where the fresh salmon was caught. The best advantage is that the fish is shipped overnight right to your door. This has made many of us that live in the Midwest happy to be able to get fresh fish and seafood any time of year.

There is no substitute when one has cooked and tasted fresh caught salmon fillet. Many home cooks and chefs prefer to only prepare the freshest food for their family and clients. Now being able to buy salmon on the internet is changing the way many of us eat in the Midwest. With many of us wanting to only cook with the freshest ingredients, ordering fresh fish and seafood online is the only way to go when one lives in the Midwest. The quality of the fish and seafood and the great prices have now made fresh fish easy to obtain in landlocked areas.

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