Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh Salmon Makes for Better Tasting Dishes

Growing up in Hawaii, eating fresh fish on a daily basis was very common. Over the years I have acquired many recipes that taste their best when fresh fish is used. It was never a problem getting fresh salmon and seafood when I lived in the Hawaiian Islands and I pretty much took it for grant it until my job relocated me to New Mexico.

I love many things about living in New Mexico. I am able to live in a larger house and even though the scenery was so different from my native island home, it is still as beautiful. There was not much I did not like about it until I decided to throw a party with a Hawaiian theme and realized that the local super markets did not carry the fresh ingredients that I needed for the party. I was especially disappointed that I could not buy fresh king salmon for a special Hawaiian dish called Poke that I wanted all my new friends to try.

Frustrated with my shopping selection at the grocery store, I decided to look for a site that I could buy salmon online. In a few minutes of surfing the web, I found Giovanni’s fish market. I was so excited that I could not only get fresh salmon delivered to my home, they also carried fresh dungennes crab too.

The next day my fresh seafood and fresh king salmon was delivered. The quality of fish and crab was impeccable. I could not have found fresher seafood unless I was back on the Hawaiian Islands. Needless to say the party was a huge success and my friends could not get over how good everything tasted. They all wanted to know my secret, so I told them about this site. Now, many of my friends are also only using fresh salmon fillet in their favorite recipes too.

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