Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh Seafood Made Easy

I lived most of my life in Northern California and had fresh seafood, such as fresh salmon, crab, and oysters, at beck and call; all I had to do was drive to my local seafood shop and purchase it. Now that I live in Ohio, seafood is a precious commodity for me and it is never really fresh when I buy it at the supermarket. Seafood restaurants are hit and miss because you never really know how fresh the fish is and the portions are far too small. I would much rather have access to a seafood market as I did in California but that’s not quite possible living in Ohio.

It used to not be possible until I found a company that sells and ships fresh seafood items right to your door. I was thrilled to find out I could order king crab legs on Monday and be eating them for dinner on Tuesday. I was skeptical the first time I ordered thinking there was no way I could get really fresh seafood from an online store but I was pleasantly surprised when I got my first order and found it to be as fresh as what I could buy in my hometown seafood shop. There is nothing that compares to the taste of king crab legs, and we felt like we were at a fine restaurant.

When my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary I ordered a shipment of salmon, fresh dungeness crab, scallops, and tiger shrimp. I spent the day preparing a wonderful seafood dinner just like we used to have back home. Everything was perfect and I know I would never have gotten that good of quality of seafood had I bought it from the supermarket.

Certainly it is a bit more expensive to order online and have it shipped fresh to our door but I feel it is very much worth every penny. Seafood is pricy no matter where you live, unless you catch it yourself, so I’m satisfied with the selection and quality of the seafood that I order; I have never had a bad shipment yet. My husband used to spend a lot of time fishing and we would often have our own fresh salmon, straight from the river. What we order is every bit as fresh and delicious as what my husband caught. Whenever we are feeling a bit homesick all I have to do is place an order and just a few days later we are back in California while sitting in our kitchen in Ohio.

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